This is what having the best bosses on earth looks like. Nut-based “brie”, spinach ravioli & spicy “chorizo” quesadillas. #allveganeverything #fatteningmeup

no place like home 🙏 (at Beach Club of Cape May)

Get into BYA to check out our BRAND NEW clothes in the boutique!! Lots of #yogabela, #zweetsport and #phatbuddha for women, #hotdrop for men!!! Brand new #yogarat yoga towels too!

Miss u soooooooo much bones @anniefleming

Practicing what I preach this week in odd-shaped jars 😝🍉🍊

at Bikram Yoga Crofton

Hi Hampys 👋 @seancatlin @erincaul @mistachase02 @lorindabreeze (at Easth Hampton)

soul sista 💃 @hdeangel (at Bikram Yoga Annapolis, Crofton & Severna Park)



Ardha-Chandrasana or Half Moon pose with Backbend today :)


(via bikram-fit)

🔼 #bikram #yoga #trikanasana (at Bikram Yoga Annapolis, Crofton & Severna Park)

Bikram Yoga does a body good 😉💪🔥 (at South Beach, Miami)

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